What a tremendous year 2016 was for us here at Evoxe! Last year we saw our story take an upward trajectory and we couldn’t be happier. One of the big pieces of that growth was building support and advancing the cause of the cannabis community as a whole, and co-founding The Emerald Exchange was a huge step towards that. (Check out the post from LA Weekly)

The events, held on August 27th and Nov 12th in Malibu, featured vendors from The Emerald Triangle and supportive brands from all over the state selling and educating people on their wares with a focus on sun-grown cannabis. These vendors featured such amazing products as medicated wine, solventless concentrates, organically grown flower and even infused olive oils! To top that off we also had two incredible DJ talents see us through till then end with funk laden dance parties. Huge thank yous to Nancy Whang of LCD Soundsystem and rave legend DJ Dan for adding the proverbial cherry on top. Look for more events in 2017!

Another step in our build towards community was the nationwide release of our Balance pen and our V2 hardware.

-The healing power of CBD mixed with essential oils is spreading across the country and can be found on our website,

as well as in retail locations in Arizona, Oregon, New York, Maine and Alaska!
-In addition to that release, the V2 vaporizers are designed and assembled in the United States, and contain proprietary airflow, oil filtration and battery systems to make sure each pull is consistent and smooth. Check out this review from the fine folks at Leafly then try it out for yourselves.

Nothing sets the mood like good music. We have built up a Spotify channel to create the perfect accompaniment to any occasion. Our mix series included Evoxation Destinations curated to specific regions of the planet, Evoxation Mixes that were centered around DJ culture and electronica, and our companion mixes to our products Evoxations Vol I-VI meant to be used in conjunc tion with the pens of their namesake. Those mixes can be found on our Spotify page so give us a follow and get these mixes the day they drop!

We’re excited to see what happens in 2017.
Thanks for being a part of our family and letting us help you ChooseTheMood.